Hoodie Game Plugin

About the plugin

This plugin adds basic game mechanics to a Hoodie application.


How to get help

The best way to get help is to open an issue on Github. You may email us at code@appback.com with any other inquiry.

Installation Instructions

Install from the Hoodie CLI

hoodie install game

Restart your Hoodie app, then add game levels and achievements in Pocket. Once entered, you should be all set.


Get game achievements

var promise = hoodie.game.getAchievements();
promise.done(function(achievements){ console.log(achievements); });
promise.fail(function(){ alert('Get Achievements Failed'); });


Get single game achievement

var achievementId = 'ach1';
var promise = hoodie.game.getAchievement(achievementId);
promise.done(function(achievement){ console.log(achievement); });
promise.fail(function(){ alert('Get Achievement Failed'); });


Get game levels

var promise = hoodie.game.getLevels();
promise.done(function(levels){ console.log(levels); });
promise.fail(function(){ alert('Get Levels Failed'); });


Get single game level

var levelIndex = 1;
var promise = hoodie.game.getLevel(levelIndex);
promise.done(function(level){ console.log(level); });
promise.fail(function(){ alert('Get Level Failed'); });


Get game leaderboard

var promise = hoodie.game.getLeaderboard();
promise.done(function(leaderboard){ console.log(leaderboard); });
promise.fail(function(){ alert('Get leaderboard Failed'); });


Get player card (any known user)

ownerHash = hoodie.account.ownerHash;
var promise = hoodie.game.getPlayerCard(ownerHash);
promise.done(function(card){ console.log(card); });
promise.fail(function(){ alert('Get Player Card Failed'); });


Add points (current logged in user)

var points = 3;
var promise = hoodie.game.addPoints(points);
promise.done(function(result){ console.log(result); });
promise.fail(function(){ alert('Add Points Failed'); });


Add action (units) toward achievement (current logged in user)

var achievementId = 'ach1';
var units = 10;
var promise = hoodie.game.addAction(achievementId, units);
promise.done(function(result){ console.log(result); });
promise.fail(function(){ alert('Add Action Failed'); });


Update Player Card (current logged in user)

values = {rank: "private first class"};
var promise = hoodie.game.updateCard(values);
promise.done(function(result){ console.log(result); });
promise.fail(function(){ alert('Update Card Failed'); });


Listen for game event

var event = 'levelup'; //levelup or achievement
var promise = hoodie.game.on(event);
promise.done(function(eventData){ console.log(eventData); });
promise.fail(function(){ alert('Add Points Failed'); });


Note: Match methods documentation is pending and should be posted shortly. See hoodie.game.js in the mean time.

Change Log

Version 0.3.0
- Major plugin overhaul
- Added turn based matches methods
- Added latest Hoodie compatibility (as of 08/24/2014)
Version 0.2.0 – 0.2.2
- Added Pocket admin panel
- Added notices
- Improved documentation
Version 0.1.0
- Initial release

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