Hoodie’s social again!

On the heels of yesterday’s announcement on the Hoodie Game Plugin update, we’ve now made the necessary changes to the Social Plugin to make it compatible with the latest version of Hoodie!

Hoodie has evolved in some key areas causing the need to touch nearly every component of the plugin.  It should function as before, but please be sure to report any issues and we’ll get right on it.

With the Social Plugin update, all Appback sponsored plugins are now compatible with the latest Hoodie and will soon be incorporated into the Appback backend service.  We’ll also start working through the long list of enhancements.

Get into the game with Hoodie!

Along with compatibility for the latest Hoodie, we’ve updated the Appback sponsored Game Plugin to add support for turn based matches.  With the newest plugin version (0.3.0), you can easily transform Hoodie into a full featured multi-platform game server!

This is a major overhaul and a few methods still need some work, so developer community testing and contributions are encouraged.  Should you encounter any problems, or have questions, please be sure to open a new Github issue.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be merging any improvements via submitted pull requests and shoring up the overall plugin to get it ready for your next app store hit!  Game on!

New plugin adds Git deployment to Hoodie

We’ve started another open source project to add a fully functional Git server to Hoodie.  With it, you can auto-deploy updates to the Hoodie WWW directory and get all the benefits of version control on your source code.  The project is hosted on Github and we’ve already published the initial release to npm.

This plugin makes it very easy to make updates to your Hoodie app site, especially when Hoodie is running on a remote host such as Appback.  Appback will be adding the plugin to our default Hoodie builds in the coming days, and we welcome any feedback on the new feature.  As always, pull requests are encouraged and will be rewarded with a free no-strings app backend subscription, so fork today and share your improvements!

Get a free no-strings backend!

Appback is giving away free backend subscriptions to developers who contribute regularly to the open source projects we sponsor!  No signup or credit card required.

Fork & Pull Request

All you have to do is fork one or more of the project repos and regularly submit (at least monthly) working pull requests that provide improvements or bug fixes.  It’s that easy!

Ready to go backend

You’ll get a free specially tailored Starter Subscription with added access to all Appback supported plugins. If you prefer a dedicated instance and higher app thresholds, we’ll reduce the price of your subscription by the current Starter Subscription cost (currently $9/month).

Get started today!

The best way to get started is to fork a repo and contact us at code@appback.com and we’ll be in touch to get you setup!